Flight safety.
Above everything else…

When it comes to safety we have a responsibility to our passengers, to their families and communities, to our team, and to our families and communities. Above everything else we always recognise just how important this responsibility is.

This is why our safety processes and flying record is at the forefront of New Zealand’s scenic flight industry.

Air Milford has achieved one of the Civil Aviation Authority’s highest audit ratings for operations and safety and we have a 100% safety record. Our fleet is maintained in-house to a meticulous standard and our pilots have consummate experience and expertise in flying in mountain and coastal terrain.

Your comfort and safety is our priority before, during and after the flight. From the second you step onto the tarmac until the moment you leave we make certain nothing is left to chance. Upholding these non-negotiable standards requires a team-wide effort.

It starts at the top. Air Milford owner Hank Sproull oversees all aircraft maintenance. A fully qualified aircraft mechanic with over four decades of aviation experience, Hank’s unerring approach to passenger safety is entrenched both within the processes and people of Air Milford.

Air Milford passengers disembarking

It’s All About Maintenance

We wouldn’t have it any other way. Booking a trip to Milford Sound or around the South Island should be a time of mounting excitement and — not second-guessing the safety of the journey ahead. With our vast experience and non-negotiable standards you’ll be assured of an incredibly thrilling but inherently safe flight.