New Zealand Scenic Flights

New Zealand Scenic Flights FAQ

Q. Is a private scenic flight safe?

A. When you choose one of the many New Zealand scenic flights services available here, you should feel assured that you’re in good hands. It’s one of the many reasons you should choose Air Milford for your scenic flight in New Zealand’s South Island, as the company enjoys and works hard to maintain its 100% record for safety.

Q. How are safety standards upheld?

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“When you choose New Zealand scenic flights with Air Milford, you’re in safe hands.”

Q. If we book and the weather is not OK to fly what happens?

A. We ask all guests to call us on arrival to Queenstown to discuss the latest weather forecast and then again, 1.5 hours before departure, for a final weather check. If the weather is looking inclement, flights can be moved to the next available departure time or the next fine weather day.

Q. What happens if bad weather prevents us from flying during our visit?

A. If guests are unfortunate and inclement weather prevents them flying during their visit, then their booking will be cancelled and no payment taken.

Q. Does our credit card get charged when we book online?

A. No. We take card details, as per our cancellation policy. You will notice a pre-authorisation on your card of $1, which is to ensure the card is not fraudulent. This security process is completed by refunding this charge. We will charge the full fare prior to your flight at our base during the check in process, where we ask for your credit card and swipe through our EFTPOS machine. If you don’t show up on the day or do not make contact with Air Milford your credit card will be charged the full fare of the flight, as per our cancellation policy. Cancellation Policy

Q. How often do flights to Milford Sound Operate?

A. Flights to Milford Sound operate approximately 250 days per year due to weather. Fiordland gets an average of 7 metres of rain (300inches) per year and the weather is very changeable. This is why it is important you call us 1.5 hour prior to your flight departure, to make sure the weather is suitable.