New Zealand Flightseeing

New Zealand Flightseeing FAQ

Q. What is flightseeing?

A. New Zealand flightseeing offers visitors some fantastic sightseeing opportunities, from Cape Reinga at the tip of the North Island to Stewart Island located under the South Island. Sightseeing by air, or flightseeing as it is also referred to, is a great way to view New Zealand’s landscapes.

Q. Where can Air Milford take me flightseeing?

A. Air Milford offers flightseeing tours over Central Otago and Southland, regions of New Zealand, which offer some of the best scenery and landscapes in the country including:

Q. Where’s the best flightseeing in New Zealand?

A. The Southern Alps are particularly impressive by air and includes New Zealand’s highest mountain, Aoraki/ Mount Cook, which towers at 3,754 metres high. With over sixteen peaks above 3,000 metres, the mountain range presents formidable challenges to mountain climbers and skiers, and for the flightseeing visitor, incredible vistas of snow-white, rugged peaks. View more information about Air Milford’s New Zealand flightseeing information.

“Flightseeing in New Zealand’s South Island is a great way to appreciate mountains such as Mt Cook.”