Milford Sound Flights

Milford Flights

Milford Sound Flights

Milford Sound flights are the best way to reach this isolated gem. Situated on the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand, it is a world renowned area of extraordinary beauty. Milford Sound is actually named incorrectly, it actually is a true fiord, which measures 12 km long and is up to 320 metres deep.

The fiord receives an average yearly rainfall of approximately 7.5m (300 inches) because it is situated on one of the world’s most formidable coastlines, which is subject to rapidly changing weather conditions. The weather is famous for its ability to deteriorate or improve within a very short period of time.

These dramatic weather patterns result in some of nature’s most amazing scenery transformations, especially when viewed from one of our Milford Sound scenic flights.

At any time on the fiords visitors may see our New Zealand Fur Seals, Bottlenose Dolphins, penguins and other New Zealand native wildlife.

Please note that although current weather conditions will ultimately dictate your flight path, the flight map highlights the standard route for all options.

Option One: Milford Sound Scenic Flight & Big Five Glaciers – Special Deal!

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Option Two: Milford Fly/Nature Cruise/Fly – Special Deal!


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Option Three: Milford Fly/Landing/Fly

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Option Four: Milford Sound Coach/Cruise/Fly – Special Deal!


Option Five: Milford Sound one way flight

Milford Sound Fly Back with Air Milford

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Option Six: Wet Weather Option: Fly/Coach/Cruise/Coach/Fly TZ Downs

Milford Cruise with Air Milford

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