Flight to Milford

Flight to Milford FAQ

Q. Why fly to Milford?

A. We’ve coined a well-known phrase here to describe a flight to Milford. The phrase dates back to 1908 when one of New Zealand’s most popular Great Walks, the Milford Track was described as “the finest walk in the world”. The quote accompanied an article written by British-born poet, Blanche Baughan, who held a great enthusiasm for New Zealand’s natural heritage.

Her enthusiasm for New Zealand’s natural heritage would only have been more fuelled if she had had an opportunity to fly to Milford and to enjoy this beautiful area by air, as well as by foot.

Q. What can you see in Milford?

A. On your flight to Milford, you will see the valleys and mountains shaped by two tectonic plates, the Australian plate to the west and the Pacific plate to the east and some of the oldest rocks in New Zealand.

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“A flightseeing flight to Milford takes you over valleys, forest and mountains — unforgettable.”

Q. Do you get to see the same stunning scenery of all of your Milford Sound flight options?

A. Yes, we typically take a set route over the Southern Alps into Milford Sound and then a different route on the journey back to Queenstown. Please note that the routes are changeable in varying weather conditions.

Milford Sound Flight Map

Milford Sound Flight Map