Milford Sound Fly/Nature Cruise/Fly with Jimmy Hill

Milford Sound Fly/Nature Cruise/Fly with Jimmy Hill

Sunday, December 3rd, 2017

Susan and Clint Viebrock are from Telluride, Colorado and write a website about their local region and also about their overseas adventures.

Last week, line pilot James Hill had the great pleasure of hosting them on our Milford Sound Fly/Nature Cruise/Fly excursions.



Here is the link to their article:…/tio-nz-flying-to-milford-s…

They were on a month long vacation through New Zealand and have kindly rated flying with Air Milford one BEST FLIGHTS THEY’VE EVER BEEN ON! 

This is a high accolade because Clint has had a wealth of incredible flying experiences, being ex Marine Corps pilot, who later had a 33 year career with Northwest Airlines, retiring as a Boeing 747-400 Captain, he has also flown seaplanes and has a total of about 22,000 flight hours – WOW!


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