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Option Two: Milford Fly/Nature Cruise/Fly

This is an intimate experience with numbers capped at 150, and on-board Nature Guides offering personal attention. The “Spirit of Milford” catamaran explores nooks and crannies along the edge of the fiord, nudging into sheer rock faces to examine flora and fauna in detail.

This ‘ecotour’ is perfect for close-up shots of seals, birds and other Fiordland wildlife, including dolphins ‘riding’ the bow wave and the rarest penguin in the world, the Fiordland crested penguin (Spring & Autumn).

The smaller boat helps you appreciate the sheer size and grandeur of the fiord’s cliff faces rising hundreds of meters out of the water, scarred here and there by tree falls. You’ll get within touching distance of impressive geological features and close enough to catch and drink pure glacial water, or feel the full force from the powerful 15,000-year-old Stirling Falls (they’ve got jackets on board to keep you dry!).

Join the skipper on the bridge for a birds-eye view and see first-hand how the boat operates. Help yourself to free tea and coffee, with a delicious buffet lunch included in this option.

Why the Nature Cruise as opposed to the Scenic Cruise?

Top Tip:

Because of the weather dependent nature of flying in the Southern Alps to Milford Sound, we recommend booking in for your first available day in Queenstown. So that, should the weather be unfavorable for flying on the first day, you will have maximum flexibility to roll your excursion on to a following fine weather day.

SKA Harrisons

12.00noon Summer:            NZ$595 per adult

                                                      NZ$355 per child

includes hot buffet lunch aboard the cruise

12.00noon Winter 2017:     NZ$545 per adult 

                                                      NZ$325 per child

                                                                              includes picnic lunch and hot soup aboard the cruise

Spirit of Milford02.00pm Summer:               NZ$535 per adult 

                                                      NZ$320 per child 

includes a complimentary beer, wine or soft drink aboard the cruise



Departs: Air Milford Base at 12 noonSpirit of Milford Waterfall, year round and 02.00pm during the summer season (1st October – 3rd April)

Duration: Allow 4 1/2 hours

Tour Includes:

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